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Microgaming Software

Microgaming casinos are equipped with the latest online casino software called as Microgaming. Developed in 1994 as one of the first online casino by Microgaming Software Systems Ltd, it is now one of the leading software application used to run complex casino games and slot machines. Nearly 1000 online casinos are dependent on Microgaming.

On a standard version of Microgaming, there are many online casino games being played in downloadable or in a flash version in these Microgaming casinos. The games includes slots, video based poker games, blackjack, roulette and many progressive jackpot based games. There is a special software designed for poker lovers called as Prima Poker which enables to provide multi player poker games in real time with real people. In 2002, Viper software was released to continue the excellence of Microgaming.

The Best Microgaming Casinos
Microgaming Casino Software Review

Microgaming provides a world-class software environment for its operator and players. With its user friendly and easy navigation based interface, the software is extremely popular among the casino lovers. Also the collection and variety of these games is huge providing choices as per the taste of the online players. For investors, Microgaming is a very good investment to run their online casinos. The slots present in a slot machine are provided extra in Microgaming casinos through this software.

If we conduct a through Microgaming casino software review, we can jolt down the most important pros and areas of improvement:

With the rapid release of new games and updates, Microgaming is a worth of investment and is generating bulk amount of revenue for Microgaming casinos. There are some fantastic reviews and testimonials posted both by the players and operators. No believe, its is one of the fastest growing online casino software which is expanding its wings to more and more online casinos.

However, experts also think there are few dimensions still to be worked upon. They explain that the quality of pre-game video clips needs to improve and there should be control over auto download of the game.

In despite of a few areas of improvement, Microgaming casinos are gaining huge momentum and there is a huge rush to play on these casinos due to the extremely reliable software platform, Microgaming.