Craps Rules and Tips to Play Inside Online Casinos

Craps rules and craps tips to play craps game online Inside Online Casinos.

Craps Rules and Tips

Craps is an exciting and exhilarating game played in all the casinos throughout the world. Although it is a very simple game, yet a novice player should read all the craps rules and tips before embarking on a playing venture. Craps is a game played with dice and often the Craps table in the casino is the place from where you will hear the most excited shouts and claps. Craps is usually played on a custom-built table and the two dices form the main constituent of the game. Every casino has very strict procedures of checking the dice and maintaining standards and checking to see whether the dice is damaged or not at regular intervals. Not only are these rules a must but several casinos also puts out rules stating that the dice must be changed after a maximum of eight hours of playing and the players while playing with them also have to follow certain rules. This is why, craps rules and tips come as excellent reference materials for the players.

The player must take all actions with the dice with one hand only even while throwing and he is required to make the dice hit the walls at the other end of the table when he throws them. Often players throw them out of the table and in such cases the dice are checked thoroughly for any damage and only after a close scrutiny are they allowed to enter the table again. Usually, this job is done by the stickman.

An important point in the craps rules and tips is that the player must get to know about the craps tables and the shooting of the dice before coming out to play. The craps table can accommodate up to about 20 players, and each of them gets a turn to throw the dice or shoot the dice in casino terms. If a player does not want to throw the dice then also he can remain involved at the table by placing bets on the player throwing the dice. Thus, several types of bets can be made by the players depending on the situation of the game at the table. The crew posted at the table by the casino usually consists of a stickman, a boxman and two dealers.

Craps rules and tips proceeds to tell you about the various rounds played at the craps table. The first roll of the dice in a betting round is called the Come Out roll. Usually the term Come Out roll indicates that a new game is about to start. As is the case, a new game can only start when the previous player fails to make a winning roll and loses and passes on the baton to his adjacent player. For a player to get a winning roll he must make the Point that is the number that he calls out or he has to make a seven out.

The dice are rolled across the craps table, which has a unique layout on it. The table is marked into three different areas-a large central area flanked by two identical side areas. Each side area consists of the following divisions - Pass and Don't Pass line bets, Come and Don't Come bets, Odds bet, Place bets and Field bets. The center area is shared by both side areas and contains the Proposition bets.